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Category: Monitoring the Buckhorn Mine


The new upgraded Mine Water Treatment Plant (MWTP) came fully online to begin recirculation treatment (after many months without a water treatment plant).


Ecology approved the Crown/Kinross Hydrologic Closure Plan, even though it lacked basic details related to monitoring, benchmarks, and thresholds for assessing the effectiveness of water quality protections.


Ecology issued Notice of Violation (NOV) #15562 for water quality-related violations.


Crown/Kinross submitted a draft closure plan.


The Buckhorn Mine began closure without an approved closure plan.


Ecology held a scoping meeting required by the Buckhorn Mine discharge permit for its reclamation and closure, but no plans emerged.


Ecology issued Administrative Order #13638, which required the mining company to document the fate and transport of contaminants from the mine, evaluate the effectiveness of mitigation measures taken, and develop a plan to remediate the problem.


The mining and industrial water rights for the Buckhorn Mountain Mine expired. Crown Resources continued to operate the mine without a valid water right for mining use.


Kinross submitted its Environmental Protection Performance Security Plan (EPPS) plan to Ecology, which purported to detail the amount of money required to satisfy the company’s environmental mitigation and cleanup requirements on Buckhorn Mountain. OHA and its consultants found serious underestimates for their obligations.


Crown/Kinross submitted its required updated Adaptive Management Plan and Hydrologic Monitoring Plan.

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