Education Programs

The Okanogan Highlands Alliance board and staff understand how important education is in protecting, restoring and preserving the highlands environment. And so, in addition to direct restoration and rigorous verification of mine monitoring and mitigation, OHA offers resources and information to community members. 

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Highland Wonders

“Highland Wonders” is OHA’s monthly series of presentations, workshops and discussion forums for local community members, featuring the natural history of the Okanogan Highlands held at the Community Cultural Center in Tonasket, Washington.

Other Events

Do you love to hike through the highlands? Enjoy trail running? Interested in events that OHA has planned outside of the Highland Wonders series?

The 2nd Annual “Get Lost!” Trail Race is coming up on June 30th!

Youth Education

OHA works with students and children of all ages to raise awareness about the value and function of wetlands. We can provide workshops on: Wetland Communities, The Value and Function of Wetlands, Beavers: Nature’s Amazing Wetland Builders, and more.


Hiking trails are an essential framework for people to enjoy the outdoors. Trails also help limit our impact on the landscape by focusing footsteps in one area. OHA has worked with partners to build new trails in the Okanogan Highlands, and has begun identifying and opening up older trails in need of attention. 

Citizen Science

Interested in helping collect biological resources data in the Okanogan? Going out to enjoy and watch birds, scoop insects from streams, or identify plants can also generate valuable information about the abundance and distribution of species in our region. (Placeholder panel to be edited for aesthetics)


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