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Education Programs

Okanogan Highlands Alliance is guided by the idea that increasing awareness of the natural world around us will increase people’s empathy for, appreciation of, and desire to protect nature. In support of this idea, we share resources and information with the community. 

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Highland Wonders

“Highland Wonders” is OHA’s learning series; it features the natural history of the Okanogan Highlands. Our eponymous podcast enables participants to connect with Highland Wonders near and far!


OHA organizes, facilitates, and hosts a variety of types of events. We rely on volunteers and partners to make them. Learn more and join OHA in learning about, protecting, and restoring our local environment!

Youth Education

OHA works with all ages to raise awareness about the unique flora, fauna, and ecosystems of the Okanogan Highlands. We enjoy partnering with school groups and other organizations.


Hiking trails are a conduit for connection with nature. OHA has worked with partners to build new trails in the Okanogan Highlands, and to care for existing trails in need of attention. 

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Have you found something interesting? Want to connect with learning communities near and far? Check out various Citizen Science opportunities.


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