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OHA’s Landowner Collaboration Program helps property owners in the Okanogan Highlands to protect and restore stream and wetland habitat. OHA can help with direct site restoration, technical support, or by reimbursing the cost of required materials.

In November …


Wetland Protection in Upper Wauconda

In November 2013, OHA approved an application for reimbursement for Wauconda landowner, Lee Johnson. Lee sought reimbursement for expenses for fences to protect a unique and exceptional wetland that he recently purchased.

Having lived adjacent to the wetland for over 30 years, Lee has built and maintained a fence that protects this resource, long before he actually purchased the wetland.

The protected area includes approximately 25 acres of wetland and forest fringe, laying north of Bunch Road at 4,000 feet elevation. Read More…

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OHA’s Landowner Wetland Protection and Restoration support projects are approved on a case-by-case basis, and can provide up to $1,500 per approved project. Contact OHA by clicking the button below to find out whether your restoration project might be eligible for this program.

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