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OHA's Mission is to...

Encourage and support education and public participation in decisions involving the integrity, sustainability, and prosperity of our community and the environment. Foster conservation of natural resources and take action to prevent environmental degradation.


What's New?

Mine Monitoring

OHA’s mine monitoring program focuses on water quality issues at the Buckhorn Mine site. We use technical and legal avenues to push for actions that: increase public understanding of pollutant fate and transport and could stem the flow of pollutants from the mine.

Our current activities include filing a clean water act citizen suit against the mining companies and successfully defending against a motion to dismiss some of our allegations.


OHA's education program is guided by the belief that increasing awareness of the environment will increase empathy for, appreciation of, and desire to protect nature.

Our ongoing Highland Wonders educational series features the natural history of the Okanogan Highlands and surrounding areas. Check out past programming or learn about our recent pandemic-adapted activities including a drive-in showing of The Beaver Believers: A Feature Documentary and other offerings such as aNature Inspired Art workshop and a Weekend Birding Challenge.


OHA's restoration program works to restore habitat and ecosystem function of natural environments including streams, wetlands, and forests. We also maintain and build trails so that people are able to access nature with minimal impact to ecosystems.

We created a Virtual Field Guide to Beaver Dam Analogs about our Triple Creek Restoration Site in order to share some of the lessons learned there.


Our trails work will continue in the spring! Stay tuned!


Stay tuned for the next Buckhorn Bulletin, our year-end fundraising letter, and more!

Sign of the Season

Breathing deeply, making observations, and connecting with nature makes even the hardest times a little bit easier. Here is a recent find.

Please share yours with us at info@okanoganhighlands.org


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Would you like to get involved? There are lots of ways to participate in our work to protect, improve, and learn about the Okanogan Highlands. 


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Mine Monitoring

Learn more about the past and present advocacy efforts to protect the quality of Highland ecosystems and water.

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OHA restores several locations in the Okanogan Highlands so they can continue to be enjoyed for years to come.


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