OHA’s Tonasket Community Art Project

Okanogan Highlands Alliance is inspired to share our appreciation for the natural environment with our community. To celebrate OHA’s 20th anniversary (2012), we commissioned Andy Eccleshall to paint mountains, forest wetlands, flora and fauna of the area on the Community Cultural Center  in downtown Tonasket. In 2021 we commissioned a Calliope Hummingbird mural visible from Highway 97 when traveling south through Tonasket. We have more murals planned for 2022. OHA’s hope is that appreciation for natural history will continue to resonate throughout the community to inspire and enrich the town.

We will continue to update this page, or you can stop by Tonasket and see for yourself!

If you are interested in being a part of this project by: volunteering, donating, offering space to host art, or proposing an art project, email: info@okanoganhighlands.org

Okanogan Highlands Through the Seasons

Community Cultural Center of Tonasket
Artist: Andy Eccleshall, The Mural Works, Inc.
Funded By: OHA

The murals on the CCC were painted in Fall 2011 and transformed the community cultural center (formerly a tire store) into public art, bringing a glimpse of the highlands into downtown Tonasket.

Muralist Andy Eccleshall said, “OHA should be congratulated for bringing these images to downtown Tonasket, I hope this mural will help inspire appreciation of the magnificent natural beauty of the Okanogan Highlands.”

Calliope Hummingbird

Jinnie’s Place, Whitcomb Ave, Tonasket
Artist: Andy Eccleshall, The Mural Works, Inc.
Funded By: OHA, USDA Rural Business Development Grant, Private Donations

This brilliant and beautiful mural features Calliope hummingbirds as well as Columbine flowers, both native to the Okanogan Highlands. The image was developed using photographs taken by OHA member, educator and outdoor enthusiast, Rose Corso. Located on the north side of Jinnie’s Place, a small business located in downtown Tonasket, the mural is guaranteed to catch the eye of anyone driving, biking, or strolling through Tonasket!

Watch Muralist Andy work his magic! Three days of painting can be viewed in 3 minutes. The video is set to an original song, “Three and a Half” by local band, Hippies on Vacation.

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