Sign of the Season

Breathing deeply, making observations, and connecting with nature makes even the hardest times a little bit easier.
Please take some time to browse through our past Sign of the Season gallery below.

Early Snow Conifers

October 27, 2020

We weren't the only ones surprised by the early season snow - the tamaracks haven't even gotten around to shedding their needles yet

Fun Fungi

October 16, 2021

What's your favorite story about these fungi?
#LostLake #Tinderconk #Fomesfomentarius #Decomposer

Fall Colors

October 8, 2020

Don't let the warm days trick you - it really is fall! Aaaaah... the colors!

Sandhill Cranes

September 28, 2021

Update! Yes! Sandhill cranes! We are notified of their presence by their unique warbling calls that can be heard even when the cranes are barely visible in the sky.

Purple Flower


About this beautiful and unique flower

Stink Bug


About this cute little stink bug

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