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Triple Creek

About Triple Creek

The Triple Creek site is part of a 100-acre forested wetland complex that is hydrologically supported by flows from the Buckhorn Mountain drainages of Bolster and Thorp Creeks, which flow through an alluvial fan into Myers Creek. The wetland is located in a floodplain of Myers Creek, about 1.5 miles from Chesaw, Washington. OHA is working with collaborative partners to restore the stream and wetland, to improve habitat and wetland function. 

Watch our Video!

This short video tells the Triple Creek restoration story in a nutshell, from the perspective of the restoration team, including the land stewards.
You will also see a bird’s eye view of the project!

(Videography by Josh Duplechian, Senior Producer, Trout Unlimited)

Eight years into the project…

…and we are observing many changes throughout the project area. The water of Myers Creek was not visible from the road at many locations, being so far down in the incision trench. The water ran fast and straight through the channel. In 2018, the water began to connect with its historic floodplain, and has continued to do so each spring! The photos below, taken in the spring of 2016, 2019 and 2022, show how the channel has become more sinuous, the bottom has built up, and the water has slowed. Check out the slideshow below for a deeper dive into the story of the Triple Creek Project.

Beavers & Other Wildlife

Many aquatic and terrestrial wildlife species rely on highlands creeks and wetlands to survive. Check out some of the fauna that we (and our wildlife cameras) have spotted at Triple Creek! 

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Habitat Restoration

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Landowner Support

How we support and collaborate with landowners to protect and restore wetlands


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