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Myers Creek

Mitigation Site

About Myers Creek

Myers Creek lost its connection to the floodplain in the late 1990s after a rain-on-snow event combined with other factors and scoured the channel, leaving a trench with severely vertical-cut banks. As a result, the habitat became too degraded to support beaver on much of the site. By installing structures that mimic beaver dams and can help widen the stream channel and raise the water table, the project aimed to improve conditions so that in the long term, more riparian vegetation will grow, and in time, beaver will have the materials necessary help restore the channel. By supporting the reestablishment of natural ecological processes, the project aimed to help shift this site back to the healthy wetland it once was.

Beaver Dam Analogues

In September 2014, OHA installed beaver dam analogues in Myers Creek to help restore the stream and wetland.
This video shows how the beaver dam analogues are backing up water in Myers Creek (taken April 12, 2016)

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