History of the Preserve

In January 2010, Okanogan Highlands Alliance responded to an extraordinary opportunity, purchasing 38 acres of wetland and 27 acres of adjacent forestland on the south end of Lost Lake. While the Lost Lake Wetland and Wildlife Preserve sustains diverse plant and animal populations, both the wetland and adjacent forestland came to OHA with a need of restoration measures. The forestland was aggressively harvested in 1992. OHA has developed a management plan with the goal of maintaining and enhancing forest health, habitat, and diversity while reducing weeds and fire danger. The wetland supports a wide variety of life, but required fencing to keep the neighboring livestock from entering the sensitive habitat. When cattle eat and trample wetland plants, the native animal populations are also affected through loss of reproductive and foraging habitats. Through a partnership with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, OHA installed fencing in the summer of 2011 to protect the wetland and its valuable diversity of species.

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