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Birding and Working at Lost Lake

On Saturday, June 4th, Highland Wonders moved outdoors! The group took a quiet walk through the forest to OHA’s Lost Lake property with Gordon Kent, looking and listening and discovering new things about bird behavior.

The route began at the Forest Service Campground parking lot, followed the road along the east side of the lake, and ended on the OHA property. On the OHA property, participants listened for bird calls at the edge of the wetland and hiked onto the forested parcel between the Forest Service 050 road and Lost Lake road. Listening into the wetland from above and from the fringe, the group used binoculars to observe the habitat that is too wet to trample.

Total number of species seen and heard: 22

Ruby-crowned Kinglet RCKI
Common Loon COLO
Tree Swallow TRES
Spotted Sandpiper SPSA
Common Yellow Throat COYE
Song Sparrow SOSP
Evening Grosbeak EVGR
Mountain Chickadee MOCH
American Robin AMRO
Canada Goose CAGO
Osprey OSPR
Golden Crowned Kinglet GCKI
Hammond’s Flyclatcher HAFL
Redwing Blackbird REDW
Northern Harrier NOHA
Chipping Sparrow CHSP
Yellow Warbler YWAR
Warbling Vireo WAVI
Wilson’s Warbler WIWA
Brown Creeper BRCR
Dark-Eyed Junco DEJU

After the bird hike, participants broke ground on OHA’s upland interpretive trail and worked on a road in need of repair.

OHA thanks Gordon Kent for sharing his expertise on this event. Gordon first started paying attention to birds 30 years ago and enjoys noticing who or what is living around him or passing by. He is the compiler for the Omak/Okanogan Annual Christmas Bird Count.

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