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Walk through Time in the Highlands

Ecology & Evolution at Our Feet

Route Map (click to enlarge)

Life has been on an immense journey through time, and it turns out that much of the evidence for that journey is all around us in the natural world. On this short hike we will look for the evidence that the plants, animals and even the rocks have changed over time, creating ever more complex ecological relationships and ever richer ecosystems. This walk offered a condensed version of a 5-day program on this subject that Dana taught last summer in the Methow Valley.

Dana Visalli, botanist and editor of “The Methow Naturalist,” led a guided hike along a hidden canyon connecting the Burge Mountain road and the Highlands Nordic Sno-Park near Havillah.

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Seeing the Forest Among the Trees

From the Panorama to the Patch: How do People Fit?

Renowned forest ecologist, Herb Hammond, kicked off the Summer 2013 Highland Wonders series with a unique perspective on Okanogan Highlands ecology. “Seeing the Forest Among the Trees,” featured a Friday evening presentation with a Saturday outdoor field trip the following day. This two-part approach provided the best of both venues for maximum learning and enjoyment.

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The Magic of Wetlands

The July “Magic of Wetlands” habitat tour was led by George Wooten, Bob Gillespie, and Kathleen Johnson, who together created a window into the special roles and adaptations of wetland plants, insects, and birds, respectively.


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Cedar Ecology

On July 7, 2012, local botanist George Thornton lead a group of community members into a seldom seen Western Red Cedar ecosystem near Chesaw, WA. Mr. Thornton opened the first Highland Wonders series in November 2010 by sharing his knowledge and photos of unique and rarely seen Okanogan Highland plants; in the summer of 2011, he led a walk along the wetland fringe and woods at Lost Lake, and 2012 brought this opportunity to learn more about Okanogan County’s remnant cedar populations. A group of community members ventured Northeast of Buckhorn Mountain, where an extraordinary ecosystem thrives because of the shade, stable soils, organic matter and habitat provided by the Western Red Cedar.

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Native Plant Hike at Lost Lake

On July 16th, 2011, local botanist, George Thornton led a Native Plant Hike at Lost Lake. George Thornton originally opened the Highland Wonders series in November 2010 by sharing his knowledge and photos of unique and rarely seen Okanogan Highland plants. Summertime Highland Wonders brought a chance to walk the wetland fringe and woods with him and absorb native plant information in three dimensions.

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