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Swan’s Journey – Understanding the World’s Largest Waterfowl

On Friday, May 3rd, 2013, Martha Jordan came to Highland Wonders to share information about the Trumpeter Swans who grace the waters of the Okanogan at various points in the year.

“Trumpeter Swans, the largest waterfowl in the world, have been brought back from the brink of extinction and once again grace our skies and waterways,” Martha says. “They trumpet the success of our efforts and continue to call us to action for conservation of farmland and wetlands. Come, share and learn the facts, myths and legends of the swans of Washington’s winter.”

Martha Jordan, well-known swan biologist, presented a slide program on Washington’s native Trumpeter and Tundra swans, including information about their life history, biology, and swan identification. Light was shed on the problems and controversies these birds face on their wintering grounds, and what is needed to ensure their healthy future. Updates were provided on the swan lead poisoning die-off, habitat issues and more. Martha also shared some excellent slides that helped clarify the difficult identification of these swans, and a free Swan Identification pamphlet was made available.

About Martha Jordan

Martha Jordan has a degree in Wildlife Science from Oregon State University. Her work with waterfowl began shortly thereafter. She began to look at swans in the late 1970s as an independent citizen and by 1984 had contributed much information to state and federal agencies on the status of trumpeter swans in Washington State, including the first swan management plan. She has been a Board member of The Trumpeter Swan Society since 1985 and chairs the Washington Swan Working Group. She is self employed, working as a human and animal massage therapist, dog trainer and professional wildlife biologist. Martha encourages the public to visit the Skagit Valley where the largest concentration of Trumpeter Swans in the United States gather each winter, to observe swans, thousands of snow geese, eagles and many other birds.

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