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The Saga of Washington’s Fish and Wildlife

Ken at Lost Lake (Photo by Teri Pieper)

On February 7th, 2014, wildlife biologist Ken Bevis, who is also a singer/songwriter, provided an entertaining evening of stories, photos, songs and science, aiming for a closer understanding of some of Washington’s fish and wildlife… sometimes from the viewpoint of the critters themselves! This family-friendly program was fun for all ages! Species featured in the “Saga of Washington’s Fish and Wildlife” presentation included: sandhill crane, bull trout, chinook salmon, hummingbirds, black bear, and more…

Ken made connections between various parts of the web of life: “Dead salmon feed the ecosystem.”

On the Calliope Hummingbird: “Now think about this, hummingbirds, these little teeny, amazing creatures, they migrate up the Cascades in the lowlands. So in the springtime, they are in the lowlands where the flowers are. Anybody ever notice how there are fewer of them later in the summer? Where do they go? They go up. Then how do they get back south? They fly! ….and they migrate down to Mexico… How can that be?”

“Wild animals are fascinating. I find it extremely interesting to consider their world,” said Bevis. “They undoubtedly have perceptions and realities that we can never know, but we can imagine. Mixing biology, music and pictures can take us to that place, and hopefully help us appreciate them more.”

Ken Bevis holding a radio-tagged Bull Trout (Photo by Eric Anderson of WDFW)
About Ken Bevis

Ken Bevis is the Stewardship Biologist for the Washington Department of Natural Resource’s (DNR) Small Forest Landowner office. Ken is a lifelong hiker, hunter, fisherman, skier, bird watcher and avid naturalist. He has lived in eastern Washington since 1986, and has held a variety of positions in Natural Resource management in this region. He has worked all across the eastern slope of the Cascades, and has experienced most corners of the beautiful Evergreen state through work and play.

Thank you very much, Ken Bevis, for sharing your talent and your passion for wildlife with us, providing an incredibly interesting and unique Highland Wonders presentation! We appreciate you interweaving your musical abilities with your biology expertise to help increase our understanding of the fish and wildlife living in Washington state.

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