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Welcome to my Test!

Here are some samples of Google Embedded Images:

Hi ladies! Here is a sample post of an embedded Google Slides slideshow.

The one below is 960px wide by 749px high as you can see below in the HTML code I copied from Google Slides. To get this code, start in the Google Presentation, click “File” then “Publish to Web”. When the dialog box opens switch over to the “Embed” options rather than “Link”. You will see your HTML code in a box to copy as well as some other options for size and auto advancing. Choose the settings you like, copy the code, and insert it like shown below. This block is found under “Formatting” blocks, called “Custom HTML”. Simply paste and save! You can hit “Preview” for just that 🙂

Small Option:

Audio Example

Here is some sample audio! I would recommend including some kind of introduction to what our users are about to list to, like this:

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