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The Hidden Lives of Northwest Wildlife

On Friday, January 9, 2015, David Moskowitz, expert wildlife tracker and author of Wolves in the Land of Salmon and Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest provided an evening of amazing photographs and tales exploring the hidden stories of our region’s wildlife.

From the tiniest shrews to bears and cougars, the signs of wild animals are around us year-round, waiting to be discovered by the observant outdoor adventurist. From the wild coastline to alpine tundra and from rain forests to deserts, David shared tips on how to find wild animals and interpret the signs they leave behind on the landscape including tracks, feeding sign and scent marking.

Listen: David Moskowitz – The Story on the Landscape

David Moskowitz is a professional wildlife tracker, photographer, and outdoor educator. He is the author of two books, “Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest” and “Wolves in the Land of Salmon.” He has contributed his technical expertise to a wide variety of wildlife studies regionally and in the Canadian and U.S. Rocky mountains, focusing on using tracking and other non-invasive methods to study wildlife ecology and promote conservation. He helped establish the Cascade Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project, a citizen science effort to search for and monitor rare and sensitive wildlife in the Cascades and other Northwest wildlands.

David’s extensive experience as an outdoor educator includes training mountaineering instructors for Outward Bound, leading wilderness expeditions throughout the western United States and in Alaska, teaching natural history seminars, and as the lead instructor for wildlife tracking programs at Wilderness Awareness School. David holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and outdoor education from Prescott College. David is a certified Track and Sign Specialist through Cybertracker Conservation, as well as an evaluator for this rigorous professional certification program. Contact David directly to inquire about his photography, classes and workshops or hosting an evaluation in your region.

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