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Butterflies of the Okanogan

April 5, 2019 | With Caitlin LaBar

Okanogan County is host to 124 of the 155 butterfly species recorded in Washington. Caitlin spoke about some of the eco-geographical aspects that contribute to this incredible diversity, what species you can expect to commonly find, and some of the more reclusive species to watch for. We also learned how to contribute to ongoing research by photographing and recording data through various methods. Two of Caitlin’s books were available for purchase: Butterflies of the Sinlahekin Wildlife Area and Pocket Guide to the Butterflies of Washington, both of which were used as part of OHA’s 2018 butterfly field trip.

“The Sinlahekin is one of my favorite places, always changing and yielding new discoveries, yet always familiar. In studying what makes it so unique, I’ve explored many parts of the Okanogan…”

Watch the presentation on YouTube:
  1. Song, Intro, Butterfly Life History & Anatomy
  2. Geography of Okanogan County
  3. Butterflies of Okanogan County
  4. Butterflies of Okanogan County cont.
  5. Citizen Science, Q&A

More About Caitlin’s Work:

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