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Ants: Marching in Hidden Worlds

Entomologist Joseph Fortier provided a glimpse into the enigmatic life of ants.

We explored the fascinating ways in which ants function as a community and their unique adaptations for survival, including their ability to communicate, solve problems, and fulfill specific roles for the sake of the colony. Their natural history was discussed, from the first evidence of ants emerging to their ecological and phylogenetic context. Fortier shared about the diversity among species, with some brief and simple information about which ant species we can expect to see in our region and how to identify them.

Watch the ant presentation on the “OHA’s Highland Wonders” YouTube channel:

  1. Song, intro, overview, evolution
  2. Closest relatives, ant behavior and physiology, sociality
  3. Reproduction, castes
  4. Castes continued
  5. Subfamilies and ant groups in our area (includes species found fossilized in Republic at Stonerose)
  6. Major ant groups in our area continued
  7. Q&A

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