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Amphibians of the Okanogan

In this Highland Wonders presentation, Scott Fitkin gave an overview of our local amphibian species, including their identifying characteristics, life history and presumed distribution.

He touched on the crucial role they play in our ecosystems as secondary consumers in the food web, and as indicators of environmental change. This event provided information about the natural history, amazing adaptations, and ecological status of our region’s frogs, salamanders and other amphibians.

“Amphibians are amazing shape-shifting critters,” Fitkin said. “It is fascinating to consider their dual aquatic/terrestrial life history and ability to morph from a gilled, water-breathing larval stage into a walking, air-breathing adult.” At the end of the presentation, Scott brought out a couple of reptiles to share with the group.

Scott’s work as a District Wildlife Biologist (Winthrop) brings him in close proximity to some of the region’s most interesting and unique amphibians. Scott first became interested in amphibians as a child, and that interest has continued into his professional career. Over the years he has conducted amphibian surveys and co-led herpetology field courses for the North Cascades Institute.

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