2019 Permit Renewal

The Clean Water Act requires that the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit be renewed every five years. The current permit was up for renewal in February 2019, but Ecology has administratively extended it. We can expect that Crown will try to pressure Ecology into making changes in the permit to make it less rigorous. Ecology has said that they do not expect to make substantial changes in the renewal. The 2014 permit appeal is under appeal to the Washington State Court of Appeals. Once the appeal is settled and a permit renewal is considered by Ecology, there will be a public comment period, and it will be important for concerned voices to be heard. OHA will let the public know when Ecology asks the public to comment so those who care about water quality on Buckhorn can speak up.

citizen observation
Citizen observes water treatment plant at the Buckhorn Mine

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