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Those Marvelous, Myriad Lichens

with Jack Massie
An indoor/outdoor combo opportunity: April/May 2017

Lichens appear as an entire organism but are actually composed of two or more very different partners — they truly are peculiar, efficient, and wondrous. Often misunderstood, the lichen field trip will provide an up-close look at these incredible life forms and how they function.

Indoor Event:

As part of OHA’s Highland Wonders series, Jack Massie provided a hands-on educational presentation about lichen on April 7th — and on May 6th returned to offer an all-day field trip in the highlands! During his indoor presentation, Massie displayed an extensive collection of lichen specimens, passed examples through the audience, and provided tables where participants could conduct an experiment for identification. He also guided the group through a spot-test identification process, using a camera projected onto the screen. This unique learning experience was expanded by the May 6th field trip, when participants caravaned throughout the highlands, looking at a wide variety of lichens and how they fit into their environment. The field trip included stops in the Siwash Creek area, Burge Mountain area, and Havillah Sno-Park.

Did you miss the indoor presentation, or just want a refresher? Below are links to the indoor presentation on OHA’s Highland Wonders YouTube Channel:

Lichen Song by Julie Vanderwal
Part 1: Intro
Part 2: What are Lichens?
Part 3: Algae, and Common Lichens
Part 4: Common Okanogan County Lichens and their Uses
Part 5: Uses and Facts
Part 6: Algal vs cyanolichens; the thallus; and colors possible from lichen dyes

Outdoor Event:

About Jack Massie

Jack Massie, a seasonal botany/lichenology tech with the Cle Elum Ranger District, will discuss basic lichen definitions, and will share the process that a lichenologist would follow to discover, classify and identify lichen species in the field. Massie has worked for the Forest Service since 2005, starting in Tonasket. He has done plant surveys, lichen specimen collection, botany unit surveys, as well as wildlife-related work. Massie was a career high school life science and research inquiries teacher for 34 years, and is passionate about lichens. He has condensed years of close observation and lichen-related work into these two events, generously sharing his expertise with our community.

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